I have a problem - I need to prepare software which will be logging the CDR’s from Asterisk to a Postrge Database. This Software has to be also working when customers REGISTER by SIP to Asterisk and has to check if the user is in the database.

But the main thing I need to do is a phone2phone solution so that when someone puts 2 numbers, Asterisk calls both and sets the connection up.

I think it all can be done by AGI scripts, but I have no idea how. Does anyone has any hints which would help me?

Help, pls. I am pretty new to Asterisk, however I have already used it with digium cards. Anyway, this time no digium cards - only SIP trunks.

It is all going to be done as a project for students to show them the potential of Asterisk.

No hints?

You may want to read my post.