Persistent Issues with SIM Card Blocks

Hi everyone,

We are currently facing a critical issue in our network of GSM gateways and SIM banks dedicated to VoIP GSM termination. Our SIM cards are unexpectedly ceasing to make calls, and we’re seeking the community’s expertise to help us troubleshoot and resolve this problem.

Here’s a brief overview of our setup:

  • We operate a network of GSM gateways and SIM banks for VoIP GSM termination.
  • Our system involves converting VoIP calls received via SIP protocol to GSM, connecting the caller and callee seamlessly.
  • The infrastructure runs on a CentOS-based server using the Asterisk system.

The issue at hand:

  • The SIM cards we employ for the GSM termination suddenly stop connecting calls.
  • Despite receiving VoIP calls via SIP without any issues, the problem arises when we convert the call to GSM using our SIM cards.
  • Our assessment suggests that the IP, server, and related infrastructure are not compromised or tampered with.
  • However, we suspect that call-related logs might be utilized to block our SIM cards.

Additional details:

  • We continue to receive VoIP calls from customers seamlessly.
  • The problem arises only when converting calls to GSM using our SIM cards.
  • Switching to a different SIM temporarily resolves the issue, but the problem reoccurs after a while.

We kindly request the community’s assistance in diagnosing and resolving this issue. Any insights, suggestions, or experiences related to similar problems would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.

I’m not really sure how you are expecting the people here to be able to provide any information or help with this. This sounds like a GSM provider thing or something, perhaps you are violating the terms of service for them, or destinations suspect.

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just note that most Mobile Providers do not allow this kind of use
and some will try to detect this and block your SIM card either permantly or temporarily

If you by “blocked” means the SIM is disabled, you should contact the provider and ask them why. They are in a much better position to tell you what is wrong.

If the provider says, everything is fine from their end, and are not able to see any problems with your cards or the calls you tried to place, you need to figure out if it’s a hardware or software issue.

I assume you’re SIM cards are installed in a device that talks SIP to your Asterisk server, and as such Asterisk only processes SIP calls.

In that case, check the logfiles on the device(s) with the SIM cards, they should tell you why they can not place the calls. If this does not give any results, look at the SIP traffic between Asterisk and the SIM card device, some devices send extra headers when errors occurs, to assist troubleshooting.

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