PC Hardware or embedded

Whats a decent spec for a pc to run Asterisk or is there an embedded unit out yet ?

Anyone ?

Intel P4 512meg 40gb HDD is that whats needed?

That unit will work Great. There are several embedded units out. My company Intuitive Voice Technology sells a very small Asterisk Box preloaded with our very easy to use GUI for $899. www.intuitivevoice.com . You can also load our .iso image on your own box the one you specify is perfect. The best part is if you go this route you have somewhere besides a forum to go for support. Hope this helps.

please, let this be your last blatant ad on these forums.

The spec usually depends on how much simultaneous calls your box is supposed to support?
As you may know almost all dsp processing is done by asterisk and not the card. This places much load on your server resources. The QoS degrades with the increase in calls at a time if your hardware cannot take such a load.