PBX setup

Hello Friends

Please help me on how to setup this Asterisk PBX. Wat r all the additional hardware needed.

Thank You

did you read the sticky at the top of the forum ? your answers are there.

  1. RTFM. there is a free ebook called asterisk: the future of telephony. It has many answers, see the sticky bacon linked.

  2. wiki. www.voip-info.org has almost all the answers that you need.

  3. some hardware that can be used with *- VoIP phones, pots gateways, PRI gateways, ATAs, PRI cards, analog cards, channel banks, analog phones… what hardware you need will be very specific to your setup. Asterisk can deal with almost anything, so you need to buy the components that are right for you. If you are unsure of this you need to provide more detail, we aren’t psychic.