PBX questions


I am looking for an IP Telephony solution. I want to develop a solution in my office.

Actually, I haven’t a PBX solution. I pretend make this solution by I-PBX

The solution that I am looking for my office consists:

Implement calls by IP between offices to reduce the cost.

Implement softphone to receive call everywhere

Implement call counter and call timer by asterisk

        Implement voice messages

I pretend that all the calls pass by asterisk (local calls and IP calls).

I want to know, which cards I need to buy and are necessary to implement this solution?

If you have other information about configuration or manuals about your cards and how integrate it with asterisk I will appreciate it.

I suggest you buy or download the book Asterisk The Future of Telephony (get the Second Edition if you Buy it). It will help you understand what can be done and your choices.