Pb in mplementation of Asterisk on cloud (EC2)

i have a project " Implementation of a VoIP solution (based on Asterisk) on UBUNTU resident on the Amazon cloud (EC2) virtual machine."
but after install and configure Asterisk with SIP users i find a problem <<register of a SIP phone (softphone Zoiper) on our Asterisk server>>

If you can ask a concrete question that would be great.

how can configure Asterisk in cloud with sip users and communicate different users in diff networks?

If you want a step by step answer to that, move the thread to job forum an hire an expert. If you want to do it by yourself start reading the book at www.asteriskdocs.org and then come back with specific questions.

Basic answer is that you shouldn’t configure something as real time critical as Asterisk in the cloud.

As already noted, if you still want to do so, and remembering that serious users will have no experience of this, you need to reduce the problem down to a specific sub-problem that someone with experience can recognize and respond to in a couple of minutes.