AsteriskNOW on AWS EC2


Just using the free tier and contemplating running AsteriskNOW on Amazon AWS EC2. Locally, I’m using KVM to create the guest through virsh. Just for one or two SIP phones, how feasible is this?

Anything to add to that old-ish question? AsteriskNOW is kept up to date, for example?

Some latency/etc is ok, doesn’t have to run Asterisk perfectly – just reasonably well.

Im doing the sme and its not to bad, the free tier only has 1 meg mem so should really make it the 2meg sstem, biggest issue ive had to date has been IP config settings, also each time I re-instate the instance or restart it the IP is dynamically created so phones all need thier settings re-registered . but free tier is ok for testing and runnign couple phones, just struggling your way through the initall issues