Hosting Asterisk on AWS

I’ve downloaded Asterisk to an AWS EC2 instance and I’m wondering what additional steps need to be taken to connect a softphone to it. I know the IP address of the instance but when I use this in the softphone account it will not connect. Could anyone point me in the right direction?


You need open SIP/TLS and RTP ports at AWS console.

There are a bunch of items,

Assuming your using an elastic IP on the host,

  1. you likely will have to configure to support NAT if your going over the public internet as well. NAT can play hell with stuff.
  2. Make sure to setup The Security group for you ec2 instance would need to have rules for the traffic you want to pass.
  3. To use TLS you will need to have a certificate. Lots have used the lets encrypt ones, you may have to have the cert in downloaded to you software app if you do a verify_client option as well. depending on the certs you use.

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