Pause After 2 Key is pressed

Hello everyone. I have a really odd thing happening. I’m using asterisk 1.2.26 on fedora core 3 and everything seems to be running fine except for this. When I dial into the pbx, I am presented with the menus. When I press 1, it takes me to one context, 2 goes to another, 3, etc. The weird thing is the number 2 option always has about an 8 second pause after it is pressed before it takes me to the next context. None of the other options do this. They work fine. At first I thought maybe the message that gets played when 2 is pressed just had a really long beginning of silence. Like the message was being recorded and the person didn’t realize they were already recording. However I listened to the file and there is no pause before the message is played. This isn’t happening in just one context either. Every context that has a 2 option has this delay after it is pressed. Weird thing is this box is meant to replace a box that is running asterisk 1.4.9 on Ubuntu that was having similar delay problems and I thought that there might be something funky with the version or OS. Clearly that is not the case. I have tried it from a Polycom and x-lite softphone. Anyone out there experience anything like this? Worst case scenario, we remove all the 2 options. Thanks in advance.

You gotta be kidding. So not only does this happen to me twice on 2 different pbx’s, but it has never happened to anyone else? Worse, no one has any little tricks I can try or tests to run. My faith in the forums is beginning to falter a little.

And you think we can work out whats going on with with no debug info no dialplans just a symptom that could be caused by many things.

Do you call your garage and tell them that your car wont go, then expect them to fix it?

Odds on the problem will be there is a number starting 22 in the context of the ivr, but in reality who knows


Thank you for your prompt response. I will definitely look into that. Didn’t mean to be rude earlier. But it seems so easy for people to just ignore some posts, and the more people post the further it gets pushed down and forgotten. Thanks for your post Ian.

We are nice people that give of our times. We aren’t mind readers :wink: