Parsing SIP NOTIFY messages?

I’d like to propagate the message waiting indicator from my VoIP provider. I’m interested in writing a module that would do this by parsing SIP NOTIFY messages. I’ve been a programmer for years but have never written an Asterisk module. If anyone would be able to give me a push in the right direction, that would be great.


chan_sip.c is pretty much monolithic. I think you would have to modify that.

Before you get too involved, check that whoever owns the copyright on your work (in many places that is your employer) is prepared to donate the resulting code to Digium under the terms of their code submission licence (basically you keep the copyright but give them rights that are almost equivalent to their having the copyright). If not, it will never be included in the main Asterisk code.

Wow. Ok, I actually found the line of code but the process of setting up a cross compiler looks a bit daunting. I think I’ll save this for a weekend when I have lots of time. Thanks, david55!


Also check that it hasn’t already been done in 1.6.2. I was looking at the changes for that, and saw something about reporting remote MWI statuses.