Hi all,

I need a way to indicate certain things to users by using the line indicators (LED’s) on the phones. Of course, hints for regular channels work fine.

Is there a way, in which I can send a SIP NOTIFY message to a phone (which of course is subscribing to the given extension) from the Asterisk dial-plan?

As I see it there are three approaches, that might lead to success, but I am hoping that someone in here would be able to help me find the right one:

[ul]1. Create a virtual channel I can control the status of (requires actual programming and recompiling of Asterisk - I really would like to avoid this one).[/ul]

[ul]2. Use sip_notify.conf and add an entry for each phone/indicator, except I cannot seem to find out, if these Notification entries can contain a body.[/ul]

[ul]3. Create an AGI-script which manually sends the SIP message to the phone or possibly use sipsack.[/ul]

I really hope that someone in here will be able to help me.