Parlay X Support

I want to know what other developers think of having Parlay X (industry standard) support in asterisk… (…

This will enable many third party applications interact with asterisk as I see that major telecom equipment manufacturers support this standard (Marconi,Appium etc)…

Any ideas/feedback would be appreciated…

I’m current working on the Osa Parlay environment. I am testing services SCS GCC (Generic Call Control), MPCC (Multi Party Call Control) and UI (User Interaction) on networks INAP-FT, SIP , IMS and Camel.

Asterisk have a same functionality Appium ? what is the best ?

Does Somebody have any experience of testing services on these networks? Or do you have any Osa/Parlay - Appium documentation and example code to which I could have access?
How does you test and develop your services Osa ? with an IDE eclipse, export java codes to jar in a Appium XWay platform and a simulate network by NSIM?

Best regards,

Cyril Jarret