Test scenarios


I would like to use Asterisk PBX with FXO, FXS and T1 cards in order
to test an existing system. Thus I would like to make an application in that will be able to originate calls, aswer calls, log hungups, detect alarms,
… based on scenarios.
Does Asterisk provide such API that would be able to support this features?

Thanking you in advance,


Before you go re-inventing the wheel, you might invest in a system that can do exactly what you’re asking for.


The product on this website called “Hammer” is what you’re trying to build.

Thank Dufus for your answer,

However as far I saw “Hammer” is not based on Asterisk. Furthermore I want to develop or improve an existing tool in order to meet my needs.

Thus I am looking for an API in order to achieve such thing.


No, Hammer isn’t based on Asterisk, but it’s a mature, industry standard tool that does exactly what you want it to do.

You have to make the decision:

Is your time and effort worth more or less than the cost of obtaining a product like Hammer? And how reliable would you consider the results of an Asterisk based test system?

Proper telecom test systems try to cause a failure to determine another system’s capacity and limitations. But what happens when a failure occurs?

Was it the Asterisk test system that failed? Did you overload the Asterisk system or the system you’re trying to test? Would the Asterisk system have worked if only it wasn’t playing audio files? How would you determine that?

Suppose you figure out that the Asterisk system can’t keep up with the system you’re trying to test; How do you now determine the limits?

If you’re trying to certify a system, I believe that you should go with a supported well documented product. You may find that the effort you put into building a trusted test system from Asterisk is more than you bargained for.

As a testing system, I think that Asterisk may be outside of it’s element. Yes, you can get Asterisk to place calls, play sound files, etc… But…

Thank you dufus for your advises.