Test asterisk without hardware


i’d like to test asterisk before buy hardware that it needs…can i do that? and how?
for example: i’ve tried bayonne, and first of all 'ive lanched it with the “dummy” driver, i tested it and when i saw that all works fine i’ve bought a D4-PCIU and it works!

now…i’m the sysadmin of a callcenter with 15 agents, now i am using a callcenter software developed by siemens, but i don’t like this software…i’d like to migrate to asterisk…but how can i test it before the migration?

can i start asterisk with a dummy driver?

thanks in advance Nicola

Hi Nicola,

What country are you i, please see our managed service inventigo.co.uk/home/Products/Te … Telephony/

We can either build a system for you or outsource our telephony requirements if you are in the UK.

Using the Asterisk@home Version of asteris you get a ready to run box for testing.

Also if you would like to test some lines for quality of voice and such you can buy some X100 Cards cheap off ebay.


there is no need for a dummy driver. Just install it and run it.