Make a call and park it


I want to do this:
1- Make a call to a telephone number
2- When they answer, park the call in a specific spot
3- Later, retrieve the call from the parking spot and start talking

I tried to accomplish this using the dialplan, but had no success. I already created the parking lot, and if I transfer manually a call, it works OK. But I must be doing something wrong in my dialplan extension to make it automatic. Let me show you what I have written:

exten => _58[1-8].,1,Noop(calling and parking)          ;match numbers  58|1-8|*
same => n,Set(PARKINGEXTEN=59${EXTEN:3:1})              ;sets parking spot = 590+3rd number in extension
same => n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:4})                          ;dials the number I wanted to call
same => n,Park(parking_lot)                             ;parks the call (this is not working)

If I delete the Dial line, I get parked in the right spot. But when I include the Dial line, the call is placed, the other party answers, but never gets parked.
I think I’m doing the parking wrong but I don’t know why.

Another option I have is doing the same procedure using the AMI manager interface. I’m not experienced there, I saw there is an Action “Park”, but I don’t know which steps would I need to take to do what I want, that is, make a call and park it when it gets answered.

I’m running Asterisk 13.6

I hope I made myself clear, and sorry for any english mistakes. Thanks in advanced!

Dial covers the whole supervision of the call until one party hangs up. It isn’t just the call setup phase.

You almost certainly want Originate, here, although you might be able to make use of the G option on Dial.


Yes!! The G option made the trick. Thanks! I’ll keep testing, if I need further help I will come back. Muchas Gracias!!

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