Parked call timeout question

We’ve just recently uncovered a problem in how we had our Asterisk setup. The initial problem, was that a call that was parked, and timed out, when attempting to ring back to the extension which parked it, would be hung up if that extension was unavailable. We solved this by setting the “comebacktoorigin=no” in features.conf, and setting up the [parkedcallstimeout] context.

So far so good.

However, we would like for the following to happen, and I’m not sure if this will be possible:

  1. Call is parked by Exten
  2. Call times out in parking lot (nobody picked it up like they should have)
  3. Call initially comes back to Exten
    4a. If Exten is available, rings Exten for 15-30 seconds,
    4b. If Exten doesn’t answer, go to step 5
    4c. If Exten is unavailable, go to step 5
  4. Call goes to our Operators Queue

My problem is, how can I get the extension which parked the call originally, in the dialplan? Parkedcalls show does not seem to have an option to return only the Context / Extension, unless I’m missing something. Currently, we are using blind transfers to put the caller in the parking lot, also.

Jason A.