Parallel Dailing

My box is asterisk 13.13 and I have below dial plan ;

> exten => X,1,Dial(PJSIP/A&PJSIP/B,20,trc)

When I dial the X, A and B are dialing, the call is answered by A but B have missed call. Is there anyway when parallel dialing execute the call is answered by one agent, another agent does not have missed call.
Actualy I try Q(NO ANSWER) option but still nothing change and B have missing call.
My agents are Yealink

We send a hangup cause in the SIP response to terminate the other calls which states that the call has been answered elsewhere. If you provide the SIP traffic (pjsip set logger on) it can be confirmed that this is present. If it is then it’s up to the device (the Yealink) to respect it. We can’t force it.

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