PJSIP Multi Ring Problem


I have upgraded my asterisk 13.6 with PJSIP and i want to multi ringing and using this following below:

exten =>111,1,Dial(PJSIP/111&PJSIP/112&PJSIP/113,30,tr) same=>n,HangUP()
when i call 111 ringing 111,112,113 and 112 answered the call but 111 and 113 have missed call on the devices. My devices are Yealink which is T28P.
How can I solve this problem.

Ask Yealink whether there is a custom SIP header that will disable missed call processing for the call. There is no standard way of doing this for SIP devices.

There is some information on completely disabling missed calls on Yealink at telcodepot.com/blog/1104/how … oip-phone/ but if you want to disable it only for some calls, that may be difficult.