Parallel Call Answered by 2 agents simultaneously issue

Let’s assume in the parallel calling 3 agents will get the call and when a call happens agent 1 and agent 2 are answered simultaneously. We are facing one issue in this scenario either agent 1 or 2 is able to speak with customer other agent will be in the call forever with no audio (unless manually disconnected). We wanted to disconnect the other call automatically is that possible? Need help please.

How many times does this happen ? I have only been able to see this happen twice in over 10 years of activity on a ringall strategy queue,

Yes, I know this happens very rare, but I’m in a situation to solve this issue.

I think I’d want pjsip set logger on output, to try and get an idea whether this is an OK / CANCEL collision on the wire, or whether it is a hangup / CANCEL collision within Asterisk, and to confirm that CANCEL, rather than BYE is being sent.

CANCEL / OK collisions do seem to be a problem, as the UAS has to respond OK, and it is the fact that there is an OK for the INVITE, that has to signal that ACK and BYE must be issued.

This could well differ between chan_sip and chan_pjsip, so it would be instructive, especially for CANCEL / OK collisions, to know if chan_sip behaves differently.

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