Panasonic KX-tgp500 Display ID between handsets always same

Hi, new to this forum, have been using Asterisk with FreePBX for about a year.

I’m replacing some Yaelink W52P handsets with Panasonic KX-TGP50/TGP 500 base station. Despite the difficult to understand Admin manual, I’ve gotten 5 handsets done, talking to themselves and the outside world via an analog POTS line. I don’t use any internet routing yet. CID on each handset shows correctly with outside calls and from other phones in the system (this is a home system BTW).

However, when dialing another extension in the system from any of the Panasonic handsets, the CID always shows the display name derived from the extension name in FreePBX and extension number for handset 1. I’ve changed parameter after parameter with no success.

Wonder if anyone else has had this experience and is it fixable? Any suggestions welcome, as I am pretty much a rank novice.

Thanks in advance,

Lynchburg, VA

FreePBX will severely complicate any solution, and isn’t supported here, however your problem will be that the phones are being matched by IP address. This is a rare case where it more sensible to use type=friend and make sure that the phone, itself, is sending the correct user name (in which case you would not want a caller ID setting in sip.conf).

Thank you for your response. FreePBX works fine for me and I know it is not supported on this forum. I hoped perhaps someone else on this forum had the same issue and fixed it. My Yaelink DECT phones also use the same IP address, but this problem isn’t there for them, so I think it is a Panasonic issue.

The type is “friend” and I haven’t modified sip.conf.

Looks as though I live with it. Since there are only two of us using the phone system, it really isn’t a big deal, just like for things to work. Intercom calls do show the correct name, just not extension to extension calls.

If they are set to friend, which is not normally good practice, but might be needed here, and it is always matching the first one, it means that the user part of the From header from the device is not matching the section name in sip.conf, and it is falling back to a peer match.

Did you go into Multi Number settings on the phone and configure the different handsets to use the different default accounts?

I think by default all the handsets will dial out through account 1.

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Yay! That fixed it!! They were all configured to dial out through account 1. Changed the default dial out to the corresponding accounts, and the CID is now correct. Thank you!

Glad I could help!

You lucked out that I support the 500/550/600 in my environment and know some of the quirks.

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Indeed I did! I think I have found many of those quirks in doing this installation, but now I also think it is doing pretty much what I want it to do. Once again, many thanks for your suggestion, nice to luck upon someone who is familiar with the ins and outs of those phones. The admin manual is, at best, difficult to decipher. And I am far from an IT pro, just a computer guy who dabbles.