Paiging with Asterik


I´m wondering if someone could help me. I´m trying to configure a Trixbox Server for a paging system, to bradcast in live-voice towards 3 VoIP Amplifiers with auto-answer capability from an IP telephone, It works but there is a delay (about 6 sec.) between the moment I press a Key and the IP Amplifiers make a Tone for starting the paging. Is there a way to reduce the dalay? further I would like to know how to play and send an Alarm tone (mp3, wav, etc) towards the Horns driven by the VoIP Amplifiers by pressing a single Key from the telephone. I´d appreciate that someone could help me please.

Trixbox is abandonware, so don’t expect anyone to know the details of any dialplans it contains.

The standard Asterisk page application should not introduce 6 seconds of delay. Assuming this is not something to do with the trixbox dialplan, you should get a sip debug trace and verbose level 3+ console log, and see at what step the delay is being introduced.

To use a canned message you would have to use the originate application (requires a recent Asterisk) or use System to create a call file - may be slow) then launch the paging on a local channel.

Please use Asterisk Support for Asterisk Support issues. Trixbox is totally unsupported, so you will have to deal with Trixbox specific issues yourself.

Thanks David,

I think you´re right, i´m gonna try Asterisk only.


I have a syslog server running remotely which I use to troubleshoot VPN’s, routers and other devices and I really just need to know how to tell Asterisk to use this server.

Please don’t tail end other threads. I believe I have already answered this; you don’t tell Asterisk, you tell the local implementation of syslogd.