Paging with TDM410P FXO

Hey guys/gals,

I’m on my first setup of Asterisk/Elastix and it is awesome. I never knew the power of this system until I really starting digging around and learning it.

So, enter the me and my new task… install a new phone system as economically as possible while maintaining quality. Gee boss, ok…

I’m running Elastix 2.5.0 and I have a TDM410P 4 port FXO working perfectly in and out using Cisco 7961G phones - 5 of them.

We have a paging system that is self amplified running off of an old Meridian system now so I’m wondering the best method of paging. I see lots of articles about paging through the sound card and through FXO ports.

I’m currently trying to figure out the FXO port but I cannot figure out how to tell it to always use PORT4 for paging and ports 1-3 for phones (we only have 3 lines now).

Also, do I just crimp an RJ11 connector straight to the paging amplifier for output?

I know I can use a burn phone and wire the speaker to the paging system and set it to auto answer but I’m trying to save a phone.


This is asterisk forum and Elastix has it forum ( ) but anyway you can specify the port 4 for the paging by defining a new trunk and instead of g0 ( elastix default ) put channel number for example 4 . Then in outbound route you can define a new route for this trunk .

In asterisk its as simple as writing a line of dialplan to dial port 4 .
exten => 8888,1,Dial(dahdi/4)

Pay attention that you usually should connect your paging devide to FXS port and not FXO but I dont know what paging do you using so you may be right .

Ah, simple enough. Thank you very much!

I thought that Elastix was nothing more than a collection of stuff that ran on top of Asterisk, my bad on posting in the wrong forum. :mrgreen: