Paging with BLF

I have an Aastra 57i with side car setup as the phone for the operator. Since I have the side car with BLFs for all the other extensions on the system, every light becomes active as Asterisk calls every SIP device. This in itself is not a big deal, the problem is that as all the devices become active it bogs the phone down and the user is not able to speak until all the BLF notifications have gone through. I know this is not really a problem with Asterisk as much as it is the phone, but my question is: Is there anyway to temporarily disable BLF either through Asterisk or perhaps some SIP command to the phone? Or perhaps another solution?

Thanks for the help,


How do you have BLF set up on asterisk ?

I do not think I have anything setup beyond the default configuration. I just have the buttons on the phones setup as ‘BLF’ instead of ‘speeddial’ in the phone’s configuration. Everything works great with this configuration except when paging. Is there a particular section of the configuration that would be useful to see?

I also contacted Aastra about this problem. They have had issues where the phones bog down when many BLFs are activated at the same time. I should be getting a response back from an engineer there, but have not heard anything back yet.

If you have each phone subscribing to a few hint extensions I don’t think there is any way to disable that on a per call basis. IE: when you are paging.

You could however, page the phones through a secondary system such as openSER. That would keep asterisk from notifying all of the phones about the new state.

Just a thought…