BLF Support (Yealink, early/confirmed/terminated/proceeding NOTIFY states)


I have a setup with Yealink phones & Asterisk Server (all latest patches).

I am using BLF to display the states of other phones. While this works MOST of the time (busy, being called) it does NOT work when a phone is NOT regisstered at all, the yealink phones display a green dot EVEN if a phone is turned off (try explain this to users, they are shaking their heads!!!)

I can see on the Asterisk server it shows correctly in the logs when a phone is disconnected.
It also advises the otehr phones correctly when a phone is busy, even if a person starts dialing - the red dot shows up milliseconds later on ALL of the other phones.

I have asked a question about this before Green Dot

So I went and asked Yealink about this. The reply was something like this: “Currently the phone can only support the BLF LED display with early/confirmed/terminated/proceeding NOTIFY states.”

My question now is can I implement this properly on an Asterisk server?
I.e. when a phone gets disconnected that all other phones are advised “hey I am not available”.


Module Specific Device State

There is module specific configuration that you must be aware of to get optimal behavior with certain state providers.

For chan_sip see the chan_sip State and Presence Options section.

For res_pjsip see the Configuring res_pjsip for Presence Subscriptions section.

Thanks @ambiorixg12.

I know about the document and the states.
The BLF works for busy, ringing, onhold etc.
It ONLY does not work when the phone is DISCONNECTED, it shows green dot.
It works for all cases (and quite quickly, too)

I have set (sip.conf general)


I also have set for each phone (sip.conf)


I have also set in the dialplan a section


Explain this to users …

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