Paging to both SIP phones and console/alsa with multicast RTP

Does anyone know if it’s somehow possible to use multicast to page through SIP phones, while also paging through the sound card?

I’ve got some Cisco phones that I’m using multicast RTP paging to page through, but there are some situations where someone may want to page the phones in the office as well as through the sound card to the speakers in the manufacturing plant. Basically they’d be paging the entire building.

With the Cisco patch there is an application called SIPCiscoPage and it can use multicast RTP.
When I’m paging through the sound card I’m dialing right to the device(console/alsa).

To me, that’s kind of the dilemma. Can you somehow page to both an application that is paging a group of phones, AND a device like console/alsa?

Thanks in advance.

You could try using local channels.

exten => 100,1,Page(LOCAL/Cisco&LOCAL/Console)

exten => Cisco,1,SipCiscoPage(???)

exten => Console,1,Dial(CONSOLE/alsa)

Yep. That worked!

I have all these items in a context called “pagers” so I had to reference that in the config to get it to look there. It wanted to use the default context at first, but that’s no problem. Here’s what I ended up with:

exten => 3,1,Page(LOCAL/Cisco@pagers&LOCAL/Console@pagers)
exten => Cisco,1,SIPCiscoPage(100&104,om,ov(30)( ${CALLERID(number)}))
exten => Console,1,Dial(console/alsa)


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