OutgoingCallEvent is not occured

Hi guys.
We use AMI in our app in order to communicate with Aterisk. We have some legacy code which is based on OutgoingCallEvent and have bug in it. Issue is that there is no OutgoingCallEvent from asterisk when the Originate command is placed. We have previous version of our app which works with asterisk 1.6, our current version is 18.19. I captured traffic between asterisk and our app and there is no outgoingcallevent.

Outgoingcallevent’s description says that its declared in channel.c.Maybe there were some changes in the channel.c which are related to the event.

Could anyone please give some info related to this event and why it doesnt occure?

I don’t see such an event, even in Asterisk 1.6.0. What is the actual full contents of such an event?

Sorry, i just re asked our devops and he said that its 1.4.
It contains fields like


The new CallerID.
private string callerId;
The new CallerID Name.
private string callerIdName;
/// The Caller*ID Number of the channel.
private string callerIdNum;
/// The name of the channel.
private string channel;
/// The unique id of the channel.
private string uniqueId;
/// The Originate ID
private string originateId;
/// The technology
private string technology;
/// The addess.
private string address;

In fact we use only channel and uniqueid and originatedid(its the chanvar).If you didnt find anything related to it, my guess is the previous team has changed channel.c or i dont know.

I still don’t see anything for “OutgoingCall” as an event in 1.4.

Ok, thanks a lot, it seems that its a custom event in our code.
We dont have source code of our custom 1.4 asterisk, so i can only guessing.

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