Asterisk originate through AMI failed!

hey folks
Asterisk 11.21.0

I have ex 102 registered
and i want to originate call outside using AMI

so i want to set the external outside # and want the sip 102 get ring then asterisk bridge the call.
so i login successfully on AMI
and i disabled event

then send cmd

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/102
Exten: 9059988987
Priority: 1
Timeout: 30000
Context: from-internal

but i have
Response: Error
Message: Originate failed

and no logs on asterisk console

any Joy ?

Make sure logging is properly set/configured (for instance console logging is enabled) and then try turning up the logging level. See Collecting Debug Information and Verbosity in Core and Remote+Consoles for more information.

If you want to log verbose and debug messages to the console you’ll need something similar to the following in your logger.conf file:

console => notice,warning,error,verbose,debug

The links should help you with how to escalate the logging levels. Hopefully that will help you collect more information as to the problem.

[2017-01-21 00:05:02] NOTICE[28007][C-00003a53]: channel.c:5692 __ast_request_and_dial: Unable to request channel SIP/102

thats the error the i have

The peer is unavailable(registered at that time) or doesn´t exist.