Newbie: make call with ami originate

I’m trying to originate a call with AMI, but always get Extension does not exist.
Here’s what I’m trying (in Node Red):

msg.payload = {};
//msg.payload.action = "CoreShowChannels";
msg.payload.action= "Originate"
// "sip/16" = "LOCAL/MY MOBILE NUMBER@outgoing"
msg.payload.context= "from-internal"
msg.payload.exten= "sip/9501"
msg.payload.priority= "1"

Where 9501 is a closing message (I’ve tried even without SIP/)
What am I doing wrong?
I don’t have access to the console, just the admin page.

Is extension 9501 (not sip/9501) existing in context from-internal ? Is extension MY MOBILE NUMBER existing in context outgoing ?

FYI chan_sip is deprecated and replaced by chan_pjsip

Help me out here and be patient with me! :grin:
What is context from-internal where can I check that out in the admin console? The same for context outgoing.

What admin console are you referring to? Are you using a GUI such as FreePBX?

I believe the OP is using “Node Red”.

Quite how that interacts with Asterisk I have no idea.


Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention.
I’m looking around and I can’t really say what GUI this is. Can you tell from this screenshot?

Node Red is just a tool I’m using to interact with the AMI.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen that.

I am very curious what this GUI is. Do you perhaps have any installation information? Can you also please share a screenshot of the main page?

some 7 years old project

This is for ARI part. It doesn’t seem like this is the front-end to manage extensions and IVRs.

Here is the main page.
I’m starting to think that it has been created by our PBX provider

Would you be willing to share who your PBX provider is? (You can share via DM as well)

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