Outgoing Calls

Hello Everyone,
I am newbie to asterisk. I have configured asterisk to my server. I have few questions can anyone help me.
Following are the questions:-

  1. I want to make bulk calling to phones so what exactly we will need.
  2. when i make a call from Asterisk Management Inteface , it calls on are softphone but it shows “asterisk” calling is it possible to change it to the person who is calling. as it does when we call from one number to another using these softphones.
    If anyone can help i would be really thankfull.
  1. To make bulk calls, you need Asterisk + a script to feed it numbers, plus a place to deliver calls to (a VOIP provider/telephone company)

  2. I’m assuming you’re using the Originate command in the manager interface. If so, add a callerid line to your Originate command. For example

Callerid: “James Sharp” <18005551212>

Will set the originated call to use that CallerID.

Ok thanks, I am using orignate command as u told.

If you plan to make bulk outbound calls you will probably need a predictive dialler. Here is a list of such software: voip-info.org/wiki/view/Predictive+dialer that works with Asterisk.

If he hasn’t heard of predictive dialers, he hasn’t sufficiently researched the legal environment relating to outgoing call centres. Whilst I would guess that they are poorly regulated in many countries, the mis-use of predictive dialers is a big issue in the UK and probably in Europe in general. The specific problem being silent calls. Most members of the public hate all call centres and especially outgoing ones.

Very true. If you are using these to talk to a closed user group, existing customers, or those who have agreed to the calls I don’t see a problem. Those who simply load up a list of random or purchased numbers people really do hate. So you have been warned (and as mentioned in the UK and I suppose many other countries) there is strict legislation covering such activities.