Outgoing calls from a call made over pots

hi, im fairly new to asterisk but have done quite a bit of configuring with it. what i want to do now is create an extension that i can call that will allow me to make a call. for example, if i call in from a phone over pots i want to dial an extension, have it prompt me for the number, and then dial it. i have already configured it to forward calls to my cell phone, and have done the caller id agi spoof (which my provider blocks anyway). im just not too sure how to get this to work. i trie to edit the cid spoof script but it just breaks it and when i call it it hangs up right away. any help would be appreciated.

I think this should help you solve your problem


hey thanks, looks like what i need :smile: ill try it out after work tonight, gotta head out in a couple minutes