Beginning with Asterisk

I’m going to apologize in advance for this noob post. I’ve been reading about Asterisk for a long time but I’m stuck on a few stupid questions that I need answered by humans.

Can I use Asterisk to manage incoming/outgoing calls with just a POTS line? Do I need a VOIP service? I’m trying to avoid paying any fees. If I do need a VOIP service, which service that allows ANI spoofing do you recommend?

I have:

  • POTS line at my house
  • Linux machine running asterisk
  • SIP box (ex-sunrocket gizmo, AC-211-SR unlocked)
  • Too much free time

I want (for free or very little cost):

  • Manage incoming calls
  • Manage outgoing calls
  • And my ultimate goal: caller ID spoofing

How I think I need to have my equipment setup:
POTS line -> line-in on the SIP box
line-out on the SIP box -> wall-jack out to the rest of the house
SIP box on the ethernet with it’s own IP

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