Outbound SMTP with Asterisk

Is there anyway to set the outbound SMTP server for asterisk to use to email voicemails?


yes. go to /etc/mail/sendmail.cf and set the “smart host” (DS field) to the name of your mail server…

I edited that line, but obviously my linux lack of experience with sendmail means something else is wrong because the upstream mail server has:
Wed 2006-02-22 10:52:08: SSL negotiation successful (TLS 1.0, 1024 bit key exchange, 128 bit RC4 encryption)
Wed 2006-02-22 10:52:08: <-- EHLO localhost.localdomain
Wed 2006-02-22 10:52:08: Performing IP lookup (localhost.localdomain)
Wed 2006-02-22 10:52:08: * Error: Name server reports domain name unknown
Wed 2006-02-22 10:52:08: ---- End IP lookup results

which means I need to set something in a file to change it from localhost.localdomain.

Any help is appreciated.


go to /etc/sysconfig/network and set the hostname there. restart the network (reboot will do it if you don’t know how, i don’t remember the specific command…)

has to be hiding somewhere else as well, because I changed it there, but the mail server still sees it as localhost.localdomain

probably also /etc/hosts.