Outbound proxy

Hello there,

            How can i setup a sip outbound proxy server to connect my clients to asterisk server ?

You want to connect clients to a proxy and connect the proxy to Asterisk and you want to know how to setup the proxy?

yeah for some clients the udp 5060 port is not open and they have connection problems thats why i want to setup a sip outbound proxy server for them to connect my server. Like www.sippp.com. I also have tried to change the port of users to solve this problem but with no luck.


anyone please ?

Well you can redirect ports using firewall
cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-port … -iptables/

thanks for the info but some users have all the ports blocked. Also port redirection per user is a hard task for me. I guess the sip outbound proxy is a stable solution for me. Any guide to setup the server would be great. Anyone please help

anyone please ?

Dear subz3ro,
I am having the same problem here.
I am using a web-based asterisk iPBX and i am not able to register using p.sippp.com as outbound proxy.
Have you found any solution or workarounds?
Thanks a lot

If UDP/5060 is selectively blocked, it is because the administration of the system does not want people to use SIP over it. The correct solution is to approach the administration with a business case for permitting SIP to you.

If it is not selectively blocked, it is likely that all UDP ports are blocked, so there will be no ports for RTP.

Note that Asterisk can be configured with alternative port numbers and multiple instances can be run on the same hardware.