Use of 'outboundproxy=x' with tcp transport possible?

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Is it possible to configure asterisk in sip.conf to use an outbound-proxy via tcp transport?
This config is taken from a snom870 phone:

Outbound Proxy: “;transport=tcp”

Registrar: “

The problem is that asterisk can’t resolve the registrar server without using the proxy.

But when i start asterisk and type “sip show registry” there a some messages with resolv errors for the host. So i think he isn’t using the proxy at all.

Thanks for your help!

SIP proxies are (generally at least) connectionless.

Thanks for your answer. Meanwhile my provider told me that the tcp thing is old an i can also use udp for the proxy.

I am using the last Asterisk 8.x version for the outboundproxy=x thing. Tested with outher sip provider it is working, authentication,outgoing and incoming calls working correct.
But this new provider is making me crazy:

In the sip.conf i have the following entrys:

A nmap portcheck of the providers proxy shows open udp 5060, to i think i have to force asterisk to use it.

This picture shows the error:

Is there a way to determine that asterisk is truely using the proxy entry?


Please include logs as plain text, not images, and do not truncate the lines.

At first sight, it looks like you have DNS problems.

Although I think Asterisk is getting into difficulties before sending anything, use sip set debug on, or something like wireshark, to see where packets are actually being sent.

Port scanning your provider is quite likely to get you blocked in their firewall.

Thanks, i will do so in the future!

The dns problems is:
Only the proxy knows the ip adress of the sipserver, so i think if the client (asterisk) is using the proxyserver for all communication it can resolve the server.

It’ a very tricky config for a sipserver, i think it’s hopeless to get asterisk connected to this provider :frowning: