Procedure to forward all the requests to outbound proxy..!


Could you please let me know the procedure to set outbound proxy at the Asterisk and also how to forward all the requests coming at the asterisk blindly to the outbound proxy (configured at the Asterisk).

Requests coming to ==> Asterisk Server ==> Asterisk blindly Forwarding to its outbound proxy.

This is bit urgent as we are running into severe problems.

Thanks in advance,


Asterisk is not a SIP proxy.

Hi David,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I know that it acts as a B2BUA. But I have seen “outboundproxy” parameter in the sip.conf file. Does this also can not help me to do the below functionality. If so, could you please let me the know the functionality of “outboundproxy” parameter.

I would be really great to hear this.


Outbound proxy is the, optional, proxy used by the outbound user agent.

Thanks David.