Outbound dialling with (out) AGI

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First of all, I just love Asterisk since I’ve started playing with it!
I am about to switch a small outbound call centre (12 seats) from a proprietary PABX onto Asterisk. The old system has an in-house designed dialler which works as follows: 1. The agent clicks on a button in web interface 2.The system dials a customer number 3. Dials the agent 4. Connects the client with the agent.

I do not want to change the web interface that much, I would like to tell Asterisk the same thing I tell PABX - dial the customer’s number and connect to agent. I chose X-Lite to be the soft phone for agents - it has auto-answer which, I believe, is the integral part of the design.

I also believe I have to do this with help of AGI, but how do I achieve this? What functions do I need to use?

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pls elaborate more on step 3. where does the dialer get the customer number? from a database? or it’s already shown in the web page?

The agent’s number is fetched from PostgreSQL database. And, because the agent logs into the web interface, it can be shown on the web page.

The customer’s number is stored in a CRM (also PostgreSQL) database, and is shown on the screen.



I solved my problem - with no AGI needed. It is all quite simple. To call a number and connect it to an agent I had to put a file in ‘/var/spool/asterisk/outgoing’ of the following format:

Channel: SIP/{number to dial}@{VoIP provider}
MaxRetries: 2
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: callme
Extension: 100
Priority: 1

This assumes that there is a context ‘callme’ in extensions.conf (and an extension 100 in ‘callme’).

All quite simple but a bugger to find info on.

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