Help for dial between the asterisk using call file

hi all, now i have two asterisk ,and iaxclient users all register on sever A.
and i want Server B call the user on server A using call file and enter some special extension on server B .how to do ?i try to use fastagi and call file. it seems that fastagi can not have such ability, any hints will be great appreciated!

FastAGI/AGI and call files are independent of each other. A script called by an AGI may simply build a flat file and drop it in the /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ directory and work just fine.

I recommend looking here for more detail: … o-dial+out … terisk+AGI

hi ,MuppetMaster thank you first.
these two page i have seen carefully. but they can not meet my need.
expect more hint.

I havn’t undersood what you need?
Do you need second server itself to call first one?
Why second server will want to call frist one?

bira_more, i want the Asterisk B can call the users who register on asterisk A .if it can ,then transfter the call the anther extension on Asterisk server B.
for example : welles using iaxclient register asterisk A. and bira_more also using iaxclient register asterisk A. we can call each other. then i want Server B call bira_more when u answer the phone then you enter some exension of server B. are u clear? this is what i need.
you know, we can write a callfile and move it to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing then asterisk will create a call.
for example:
when i make such a call file then move it to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing
the asterisk will call bira_more.if you answer you will enter the conference call.
what i need let Asterisk sever B do make the callfile and call users on Asterisk A.
can asterisk do?

any ideas? … al+servers
this url can solve the problem.
thanks anyway