Outbound anonymous calls

Hi guys
i’m new in Asterisk , or at least i should say that i’ve a basic experience , just enough to make simple trunks and let the call works .
Now i need to interconnect it to an SBC with a sip trunk ( i mostly will focus on configuring SBC ) and then from there a sip trunk toward an Operator .
Reading the test list the operator gave us i see that some of the test requires anonymous calls to be made exiting Asterisk toward the operator , i’m struggling how i can do it and where i can find an option that let me do it in such a way that From header can be like :
From: “Anonymous” sip:anonymous@anonymous.invalid;tag=1928301774

Asterisk version is AsteriskNow

Thank you so much for your help


https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Function_CALLERPRES although the placeholder values may not be exactly what you have.

It appears this function has been moved into CALLERID()

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Hi David thanks for your answer , anyway i’m sorry but it is still not clear , the number of my endpoint registered with Asterisk is 286 and the context assigned is from-internal .
What exactly do i need to configure for accomplish the task to enable the CLIR ? do i need to edit some file ( sip.conf ? extensions.conf ? ) or is it possible by GUI ?
Sorry but it seems so hard to accomplish this simple task , whatever other systems i managed i didn’t find this difficulties for enable anonymous calls in outbound .

Thank you again


or the same with unavailable

We don’t answer questions on GUIs here; you need to use the support channel for the relevant product, e.g. http://community.freepbx.org/ for FreePBX.

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