Outbound and Inbound Calls using JUST PSTN line as a trunk

Hi voip experts,

Please help me with my newbie problem in settin-up my voip(asterisk) machine. I have this TDM400P with 2 fxs and 2 fxo. I already installed AAH2.8, all is well i can say because i can do a call between my extensions using a softphone (xlite). My concern now is how to do outbound calls and incoming (to local PSTN line). Im a newbie so dont know what to do next. i’ve read this Dumbme guide to setup trunks & routes but it seems that the tutorial is concern about VSP (Voip Service Provider) which is i dont have. My ONLY RESOURCES is an PSTN line connected to my TDM400P (fxs). Correct me if im wrong, but its possible to setup a trunk from a PSTN line (without using a VSP service), right?Now the questions, how can i create a trunk and route to do outboud and inbound call (to local PSTN line)?Where to start? Please guide me with this experts…Thanks in advance…

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Keep reading the DumbMe guide. There is a chapter (9) that describes this very thing.