[OT] user numbers

totally off-topic, and a sign i’m bored for a few minutes … out of 8000+ registered users, there are 3599 that have never made a post.

is this because :

a) they’re put off by the forum
b) they find what they want without having to post a thread


register for the hell of it, expecting to participate but never getting around to it
register to send people PMs
spam zombie accounts

  1. I’ve had problems in the past but have always found the answer elsewhere.

  2. I do hesitate to submit a question without really looking for the solution on my own.

  3. I’ve only been using Asterisk@Home for 6 months and don’t feel qualified to answer most questions.

  4. Replying to this post was easy.

In summary, I think most people use the forums as a place to search for solutions to their problems by finding posts that deal with the same issues.

pats normdancy on the back Thanks! at least somebody RTFM’s… :smile: