Originate VOIP calls from macOS

Hello to everyone! My name is Cesare, and only recently I’ve entered the world of VOIP and discovered how powerful and versatile Asterisk is.

As soon as I got my (pretty simple) setup working, installing and configuring a Yeastar S20 and a few Fanvil X5S, I wanted to start calls directly from my Mac, but I wasn’t able to find any existing software that did exactly what I wanted. So, I built one, and I’ve recently released it.

Now, having read the forum guidelines and not wanting to come here to spam, I am not referring to this app by name, nor linking to it, but of course I wonder if anyone might be interested in a few more details, if that’s okay with the forum moderators.

I follow a few forums and I know how annoying it is when someone pops-up out of nowhere with some kind of advertising, but nevertheless I think this app can be somewhat relevant to the audience of this forum, and I could sincerely use some advice for the next releases from people who are experts in Asterisk.

Thanks for your consideration!