Originate cdr problem/question when calls are bridged


I am using manager Action: Originate command to call 2 outside numbers via VoIP and bridge them together (using Asterisk 1.4).

The connection is fine, both parties are called when both picks up they can communicate, so everything is good until here… The problem is after they hang up and the cdr is generated, i see only 1 cdr for the whole scenario.

Doesn’t 1st automated call also need to be stored in cdr?

Because my VoIP charges me for the 2 seperate calls I placed, I need to have a trace of the 1st call as well in the cdr. How can I achieve that?

i have the same problem, could anybody please help?


i dont know if this is what you were looking for but by using




in the dial plan i got it.

tokyo, can you please elaborate? resetCDR resets the current cdr and fork cdr creates two cdr’s from the point it was called. But exactly at which point you called those functions? can you post a simple dialplan to demonstrate?


can anyone confirm if this issue is fixed by asterisk.org/node/48358

is this fix included in or do we still need to get it explicitly and build?

If so, is the latest fix in the trunk is svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/team/murf/CDRfix6/ ?

I got it from here


I think you will find that this Asterisk bug tracker issue is rather relevant:


Particularly note the opening remark: