Generate cdr for both legs of call

I have a simple configuration - asterisk answers an incoming call, plays a few IVR messages, and then issues a DIAL to another number, which bridges incoming call and outgoing call - very classical

Currently, in Master.csv (or any back engine), I am getting a CDR for the full length of the incoming call, but I do not get a CDR for the outgoing part of the call (the dial) - I guess asterisk assumes that as the calls are bridged, it is one single call and thus only generates one CDR

How can I configure asterisk to generate CDR for both legs ? I am using asterisk 13.23,

Thanks for the help

try this application before your dial command

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thanks, it does work (not in a macro though) but I cant seem to get the actual answer time (and not the fork time before the dial).
I’ve worked around that with a macro in the dial that stores the time in the db, and the h extensions that saves it in the userfield

Thanks anyway