CDR Records

I have a question about cdr records.

I am originating a call from my Asterisk box with SIP to another Asterisk box. When I start the call, the receiving Asterisk box doesn’t answer, so the call times out.

When this happens I check my CDR and now have two records.

| 2006-03-14 13:36:58 | XXXXXXXXXX | XXXXXXXXXX | s | out-dial-trz | SIP/sip_proxy_wendy_out-8b83 | | Dial | SIP/3306876327@sip_proxy_wendy_out | 0 | 0 | NO ANSWER | 3 | | 1142361388.0 | |
| 2006-03-14 13:36:58 | | | s | default | Unknown | | | | 0 | 0 | FAILED | 3 | | 1142361418.1 | |

I’ve inserted the X’s on purpose. I do not believe that the second record should exist. Am I correct in assuming that this is a bug? or Is this the expected behavior?

I saw two records for one call only when I am trying to make callback.
As a metter of fakt - callback consists from two calls.
And one of them is very similar to your second record.

How you are making call?
From one Asterisk to ather?

I’m using the manager API to originate a call on one asterisk box, i’ll call it ‘A’. The call is directed to an extension on another asterisk box, i’ll call it box ‘B’.

If A calls B and B answers, there is one CDR record.
If A calls B and B is busy, there is one CDR record.
If A calls B and B doesn’t answer, there are two CDR records?

I’m wondering why there is an inconsistency. It should either be two all the time or one all the time. I don’t think the second CDR record actually has any valid information. Does this seem like a bug to anyone else?