"OPUS" and "PCMU-WB(G.711.1)" are possible for asterisk?

Hi all.

I need to use some specific codecs for asterisk.

The codecs are below:

  • OPUS
  • PCMU-WB(G.711.1)

So my question is that it is possible to use those codecs for asterisk?

Thank you.

Opus, yes.
You’ll find it in the Asterisk build system as a selectable codec.

G.711.1, no. I’m curious what G.711.1-capable equipment you’re attempting to connect to Asterisk.

Thank you for your answer.
It is highly appreciated.

Our customer wants to connect ipad to the Asterisk server with an application that they have purchased from a reseller.
The application that they use seems to use the G.711.1 codec.
This is why I am asking for it. If G.711.1.

If it is not possible to use it; what would be the best option to replace this codec and get the same outcome?

What is the desired outcome? If the desired outcome is using G.711.1-WB, there is probably no solution.

Incidentally, I though iPad’s did not normally use hardwired connections, and it doesn’t seem sensible to use enhanced quality audio, then put it over a network that is likely to have poor delay, jitter, and packet loss characteristics. Remember that these high sample rate codecs offer no advantage at all if the call involves the PSTN, at any stage.

Asterisk provides transcoding (encoding and decoding) of the following codecs, as of 16:
ADPCM, G.711 a-law, Codec2, G.722, G.726, GSM-FR, iLBC, LPC 10, Speex, G.711 u-law, Opus, Silk, G.722.1 and G.722.1C (licensed by Polycom), and G.729a (commercial).

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