Operator SoftPhone for Windows

I’m new to Asterisk, and I need to setup a 24 person office. While looking for an operator phone to meet the needs of this office, I thought that this would be the perfect application for a softphone. Are there any good operator level softphones for Windows. Any input would be appreciate…

i’ve never actually looked for “operator” functionality in a softphone, as i’ve always preferred a hardphone, as have the (vast) majority of people i’ve put systems in for.

i do have one site that uses X-Lite though for the receptionist. the culture there is that everyone only handles 1 call at a time. subsequent callers go into the queue she’s an agent (the only agent) for. it works well, status of monitored extensions is via FOP on a second monitor on her workstation, and she uses a custom XML-push app to send text messages to other extensions.