Operator console

Is there a SIP phone out there that will work with Asterisk that will handle 50 or more extensions on the operator console with buttons and status for each phone?

50 is a lot of extensions. The highest number of line appearances I’ve seen is ~10. What exactly do you need 50 extensions going into one phone for?

This may be something like what you are looking for but even it doesn’t claim to handle 50 extensions.

[quote]SoundPoint® IP Attendant Console Solution

The enhanced user interface and advanced call handling capabilities that help boost productivity of a telephone attendant. Delivered in SIP.

When you attach up to three SoundPoint® IP Expansion Modules to the SoundPoint® IP 601, you get a high-performance, productivity-enhancing solution for telephone attendants – receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries, executive assistants, and other “power users” who manage and monitor a high volume of simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis.

The SoundPoint® IP attendant console solution comprising the SoundPoint® IP 601 host phone and three Expansion Modules boasts four high-resolution LCD displays and forty-eight illuminated multifunctional keys that can automatically be configured as either line keys or speed dials. The SoundPoint® IP attendant console solution provides an easy transition from traditional PBX features and functionality into the world of Voice over IP with its familiar, intuitive user interface and friendly call visualization.

When equipped with a high-performance attendant console based on the SoundPoint® IP 601 and up to three SoundPoint® IP Expansion Modules, the telephone attendant can promptly accept, accurately screen, efficiently dispatch, and effortlessly monitor up to 24 concurrent customer calls on up to 12 lines. These advanced call handling capabilities help increase the accuracy of call routing, reduce the number of lost customer calls, and shorten transaction times, which result in improved customer satisfaction.[/quote]


I don’t need 50 extensions into one phone. I do need to monitor the status of 50 phones at a single console with single button transfer to those phones. In other words, I’m trying to duplicate the function of a normal office attendant phone. The device I’ve seen that looks interesting is the Polycom Attendant console, but they seem to have a limit of 7 devices being monitored. (To say nothing of the fact that we are currently having trouble getting the buddy/presence stuff to work on the polycom 500s. :frowning: )

Why not install the Asterisk Operator Panel?


no problem. I’ve got 40 Polycom501’s, can monitor the status of all of them in real time with the Flash Operator Panel for Asterisk. Works great.

The Flash Operator Panel can monitor at least 100 object per screen. Takes a little fiddling around, but all in all, does a great job for free!

As far as transferring…perhaps some others on the forum can elaborate a bit more. I’ve used it with somewhat limited success, but i’m sure there are others out there who might be able to post some more info on that. (hint hint FOP users!)