Android app with Asterisk

I want to build an android app which will use asterisk server for SIP calling.
I am able to call by using xlite, or Zoiper with Asterisk. Now I want to build my own android app.
Should I configure asterisk AMI to connect Asterisk with Android to make a call?
Please advice

If you just want to initiate calls you can use AMI, I did it using volley library. But if is SIP client like zoiper you should use Android SIP stack and it has nothing to do with AMI

ya i agreed with ambio. By the way, linphone have source if you wana use a sip stack. They also support different platforms so you can try them i have recently used them for my project.

Do you know how to open automatically a website after picking up using an android app (with Zoiper for example)?

You’re trying open some kind of CRM to your exten user, right?
Your page must accept api connections or push messages.

Try it

There is already another thread open by this same user asking same question