Only One specific number fails

I have an asterisk system thats been running for over a year happily. About two weeks ago, one of the phone numbers that is frequently called in our office returned the message: “We’re sorry, you’re call did not go through. Will you please try your call again later.” It is only for this specific number, and you can dial this number from a cell phone and it works. Any ideas as to what would cause this and how to remedy it?


I had this issue in the past. A client had a number from Jivetel. For some reason when using a Verizon landline the call did not work. Verizon had a routing issue. Give a call to the company that will not pass the call on.

I’m trying that now - hopefully they do tell me its just a routing issue on their end! I’ll post back if that is the case.


According to our provider, everything is fine on their end. Is there anything to check in asterisk as to what is happening? Just watching the call go out, everything appears to be normal when compared to another working dial. But there may be some other tracing I can do that I’m not aware of. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.

I called our long distance provider and finally, after a few days of waiting, they got back to me. According to them, there aren’t any issues connecting to the specific number. So now I’m back at square 1 with it being something on our asterisk box, I’m just not sure what.

And for the record, I checked with the user to make sure there isn’t anything like privacy protection setup on his line.

Any other ideas as to what would cause just one number to stop working?

Don’t know if the infrastructure allows this, but can’t you try to bypass asterisk and call the number directly, just to find out if it’s asterisk or the line that’s causing the problem?

The phones are configured by the asterisk server - I don’t know of a way to take it out of the loop?? If there is, just let me know - I’ll try it!

Of course the first thing you should try is to analyze the logfiles (eventually with debugging turned on).

Have that said, I guess you don’t have pyhsical access to the infrastructure then? If you do have, isn’t it possible to temporary physically hook up a telephone device directly on the outgoing line and call that particular number. Of course this will make the box temporarily unavailable.
Then again it depends on the infrastructure if this is the way to go.