One way audio when using DISA and H.323

Hi all,

I have two offices, one in the United States (US) running Asterisk and the other in Europe running Avaya IP Office 406. The US office utilizes SIP trunks for inbound/outbound calls and the European office uses a PRI for inbound/outbound calling. I have successfully established a H.323 trunk between the offices allowing the endpoints (SIP phones in the US and Avaya digital phones in Europe) on either side to communicate with each other. Now here is where the problem begins, I utilize one of the European DID’s to route to the main IVR on the US Asterisk server so that they (European staff) can utilize the US Asterisk server conference bridge, directory and the DISA (direct inward system access) functions. Everything (conference bridge, dial by name directory, dialing US extensions) appears to work with the exception of the DISA feature. When we attempt to utilize the DISA feature by a European user that is riding over the H.323 trunk to our US Asterisk server we experience the one way audio issue (The European caller can be heard but the call recipient cannot be heard). The ultimate goal of the DISA is to allow the European callers a method of saving money by dialing a local number to reach a number in the U.S.

Any suggestions?

My ooh323.conf is configured as follows:
gatekeeper = DISABLE

The Avaya is configured as follows:
Line Number 06:
Outgoing Channels: 10
Voice Channels: 10
Incoming Group ID: 6
Outgoing Group ID: 6
Number of Channels: 10
Data Channels: 10
TEI: 0
National Prefix: 0
International Prefix: 00
Gateway IP Address:
Voice Pkt Size: 160
Compression Mode: G.711 Ulaw 64K
H450 Support: No
Silence Supression: No
Enable FastStart: Yes
Local Hold Music: No
Local Tones: No
Enable RSVP: No
Out Of Band DTMF: Yes
Allow Direct Media Path: No
Voice Networking: No
Fax Transport Support: No